Software for Cargo / Freight forwarding companies

UniPro provides freight forwarders with the first true freight forwarding software solution. Solution encompasses the latest freight management software for optimal functionality, covering the full freight forwarding lifecycle. The easy-to-use freight forwarding system consists of several freight forwarder software modules. Furthermore, the freight forwarding system enables working either on a shipment directly through any of the predefined queries, or using one of the powerful business tools provided. Unipro’s freight software wizards and personalized workspace will enhance efficiency and help to leverage business.

With its proprietary freight forwarding software, the Company meets the demands for international trade online service to manage freight forwarders logistics, including planning and shipping.

All Unipro’s solutions are designed using state-of-the-art technologies for the utmost customer convenience, scalability, security, and functionality. The cloud solutions are therefore highly advanced yet easy to use, allowing customers to maximize operational efficiency and productivity in the global market. With freight forwarding solutions, customers will be able to generate more sales and provide better service to their clients and partners.