Our Team

professional business team looking confidently at camera

Our design and engineering teams are enriched and influenced by the work of our scientists and internal and external designers. We align with emerging designers from around the world for fresh ideas that are future-focused.


Creating a winning team takes hard work—it’s more than simply hiring talented people and telling them to work together. Team building is part art, part science. It’s not a “just add water” proposition. Some assembly is required. Strong organizations connect the link between performance and the teams that deliver. Focusing time, energy and attention on teams raises the bar on performance. That’s where UniPro comes in. UniPro’s team approach facilitates team building, increases productivity and improves the morale of all members.
Teams are not self-regulating entities.
It takes structure, preparation and occasional maintenance for teams—and by extension, the organizations they support—to thrive. Experience and research has taught us that applying the concepts outlined in UniPro’s team approach helps bring structure and accountability to teams. All teams experience lulls—dips in productivity. But proper utilization of UniPro’s team approach is proven to recapture momentum and reinvigorate teams
After our team completes the Team Survey, UniPro quantifies all findings and creates an easy-to-understand team overview of strengths and weaknesses. This feedback offers an accurate profile of your team, what motivates them and what they believe to be hurdles to optimal performance. In other words, you’ll learn more about how your team works best.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.”