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Providing a cost-efficient way to deliver IT services, a hosted cloud enables you to use a service provider’s servers, storage, software, network, and other resources rather than having to purchase your own. Hosting also means removing the burden of day-to-day system management from your IT department. A hosted cloud solution enables you to choose the service offerings and fee structures that make the most sense for your organization, as well as align hosting services with your budget. With a hosted cloud solution from UniPro , you can look forward to:

  • Reduced IT costs – This solution eliminates the costs of purchasing expensive server and desktop hardware and reduces IT support costs.
  • 100% uptime – Our cloud platform has multiple failovers and guarantees Always-On availability.
  • Increased performance through our state-of-the-art equipment and processing power – Real-world improvement testimonials of 20–45% are available for your review.
  • No noticeable latency – We manage and test bandwidth, and can provide a dual-connection router to ensure full redundancy.
  • Assured client and data protection – Role-based access, encryption in motion and at rest, and standard backup services are included with DR options

Choosing a cloud service provider to host your company’s data is an important decision. Security, quality of service, agility, and service-level agreements (SLAs) are undoubtedly some of your requirements. For service providers, choosing the right infrastructure to deliver fast and reliable services is an equally critical decision.


The UniPro’s Infrastructure Management Solution gives you:

  • Complete WLAN network visibility within one central console
  • Multi-vendor/heterogeneous environment WLAN infrastructure management, enabling simplified WLAN management at a lower total cost
  • Simplified device configuration tools
  • A cost-effective amd manageable way to help your organization upgrade/ migrate to 11n infrastructure

The results of our efforts are more streamlined and integrated offerings—and that translates to lower risk and greater cost-savings for you..