Diversified IT Solutions



Go the extra mile with the increased fuel economy and improved fleet efficiency you’ll gain from Position industry, while at the same time lowering risks and bettering regularity compliance………………….






Our GPS tracking solution for government is specifically designed for all agencies and supports security, emergency, infrastructure, law enforcement and a variety of other tracking applications…….






Law Enforcement


law enforcement

Law enforcement has varied need that are well – served by GPS tracking devices and software: Dispatchers know the location of units at all times, improving officer and public safety and response times and warranted suspect tracking is easily accomplished………




Rental Car


 Renting out mobile assets like cars and boats can be extremely profitable, but also extremely risky – you’re loaning assets to total strangers. GPS platforms expedite tracking and timely return of assets, and also allow asset recovery if need be……….



UniPro offer hi-tech HD CCTV/IP Camera security solutions for offices and buildings. IP cameras ranges from premium Rugged Series bullets and vandal domes to affordable wireless cubes, ceiling domes and box cameras, all of them deliver high definition recording and video preview with excellent image quality. We provide the vast array of useful features available with IP cameras guarantees easy setup process and optimized bandwidth / storage management, saving your time and money. Moreover, adopting IP cameras allows you to enjoy a full backend management support including mobile access applications. We also provides you with a robust line of IP cameras, but also delivers a highly reliable and fully integrated IP surveillance solution


UniPro have in-depth experience in many different industries so they can tailor a payment solution to fit most of your organization’s purchasing reqirements. With UniPro your organization can discover how to drive out costs,improve oversight and control, and optimize cash flow all while meeting your uniqe industry requrements.

UniPro’s e-Payment Solution provides advanced electronic payment solutions, along with all the required tools and applications to run and manage payment channels and media, and the integration with various service providers, billing providers, financial systems and payment gateways.

The e-Payment solution constitutes of an e-payment platform for integrations, a custom financial processer for e-purse and prepaid cards, and a terminal management system. The system is suitable for small to large enterprises including government and private sector organizations. UniPro’s e-Payment insures total satisfaction for service providers that are looking to quickly establish their online transaction capabilities and continuously offer new payment channels to their customers. This will in turn enable customers to make payments at any time and in any place, through their preferred channel, using their preferred payment media.

In addition, e-Payment brings service providers greater flexibility, more credibility and potential savings by enhancing their services value and keeping them ahead of the competition.


UniPro provides the broadest range of innovative RFID technology solutions to enable your organization to identify, track, manage and optimize the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency. By enabling improvements in sourcing, visibility, security and accuracy, UniPro helps you ensure the right asset is in the right place at the right time. From small item identification to large asset location— and from the first link in your supply chain to the last—accurately and efficiently track and locate it with us. Only we provides a full spectrum of flexible and innovative passive radio frequency identification printing/encoding capabilities and real-time location technologies to give you total item visibility, optimize security, heighten data accuracy and reduce operating costs.


UniPro provides comprehensive Time Attendance Software for medium and large business. It is built with all basic features required by organizations and it will be customized to suite specific organizational need. It is supported by unmatched service quality of UniPro. Our in-house software development team supports clients with installation, integration, customization and new feature development. UniPro is available as Standalone,Professional and web to meet the needs of different companies.

UniPro provides affordable Automated Time Attendance Systems which allows you to record & track the Attendance of the employees


Available in bundles that are right-sized for your business, the applications include everything you need to host multiparty video conference calls anywhere, anytime, and on any device. If you need greater flexibility, each app can also be deployed as virtual machine software

Give everyone the power of a real-life meeting experience for every call—from anywhere and using any of the over 50 supported smartphones, desktops, laptops or tablets. And also have the ability to manage your call escalation and routing for all multiparty calls. With our mobile video solution, you get to set everything the way you want it to maximize your video conferencing system to meet your needs. Vast support for multiparty calls over mobile devices

  • Shows when people in your directory are online and available
  • Text chat
  • Content sharing for documents, spreadsheets, schematics, pictures, videos
  • Flexible integration with any existing infrastructure
  • Call directories to eliminate the need to remember complex dial strings
  • One-click multiparty call escalation
  • Failover for escalated calls, uninterrupted multiparty calling